Teacher's Day


Meaningful Days of Korean History

Teacher's Day +

statutory anniversary
Teacher's Day is a day made to thank teachers for their hard work and is enacted and implemented in various countries, and every year October 5th is celebrated as World Teachers'' Day.

In Korea, Teacher's Day was established on May 15 in time for King Sejong's Gregorian birthday from 1965.

The government will reward education contributors at the ceremony on Teacher's Day, and the winners will be given opportunities to inspect domestic and foreign industries.

In addition, various school alumni associations, women's organizations, and social organizations voluntarily offer private banking services, especially by launching a "Finding Old Teachers" campaign to thank their teachers for their grace and deepen their priestly relations, while finding and comforting those who are suffering from illness and living difficulties among retired teachers.

The seniors and juniors and students hold a "Night of Grace" with their old teacher and teacher to thank their teacher for his grace, and attach carnations to his teacher. In addition, special lectures, sit-ins, and tea parties on the role of teachers will be held.
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