Major Kang Jae-koo died after saving his men.


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Major Kang Jae-koo died after saving his men. +

Kang Jae-gu's death date
Major Kang Jae-gu (姜在求, July 26, 1937 to October 4, 1965) was born in Incheon in 1937 and graduated from Seoul High School before being commissioned as the 16th major of the Korea Military Academy in March 1960.

One soldier practices throwing grenades at the training ground of the Maengho unit. When the grenade fell where the troops were, Lieutenant Kang Jae-gu, the company commander, threw himself and sacrificed himself.

After his death, the army general was posthumously appointed as a major, and a statue of him was erected at the Korea Military Academy.
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