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Little Korea is a multilingual K-culture web & application funded by the government to easily provide information about Korean culture to Korean fans around the world.
The domain is http://littlekorea.org and the application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

1. Korean English Korean Translated into 4 languages.

2. You can easily learn about Korean culture, history, holidays, seasons, etc. with the "Today's Korea" video that changes every day.
You can see Korean popular music, traditional music, intangible cultural heritage, and history recommended every day based on today at a glance.

Especially for popular music, the lyrics of the songs are interpreted and written in Roman letters, which is useful for studying Korean. (* Romaji notation is generally "displaying Hangul using Romaji, which is a type of alphabet")

Cultural heritage provides information on intangible cultural properties and local intangible cultural properties (agricultural music arilan kimchi, hanbok, ondol, etc.) of more than 750 countries where Korean traditional culture is concentrated.

3. Enter your date of birth and you will see today's love luck, desire luck, work luck, and more.

4. Hangul Name Naming With 30,000 people (enter sex 100 x name 300) that can be combined at present, you can easily create and select the Hangul name that Korean fans want, and you can hear and select it. The name may be stored as a memorial by directly outputting the PDF file.
Little Korea is operated by the Gugak Globalization Research Institute, a Korean-based corporation.

The Institute for Globalization of Korean Traditional Music Co., Ltd. has been operating 'Korean Traditional Music Portal Arirang' and 'Fusion Gugak Dotcom' since 2011.

It is a new media company specializing in Gugak that updates fast and fruitful Gugak information every day and actively promotes Korean traditional music to the public.
1. Korean pop music - YouTube (https://youtube.com), Melon (https://www.melon.com), Naver (https://www.naver.com)
2. Korean traditional music - YouTube (https://youtube.com), National Gugak Center (https://www.gugak.go.kr)
3. Korean Cultural Heritage - Cultural Heritage Administration (http://www.heritage.go.kr) National Cultural Heritage Portal
4. Korean history - YouTube (https://youtube.com), Wikipedia (https://ko.wikipedia.org), and tree wiki (https://namu.wiki)
Please email korea@sori.me and we will review and introduce it.
Email us at korea@sori.me and we'll review and reply.
The good names you recommend can be viewed with a certificate that is nominally described, and can be downloaded as a PDF file at any time.