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[Chapter 1 Total Code]
Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of this Agreement is to prescribe rights obligations and procedures of users and companies in using Internet-related services provided by GUGAKWORLD Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "company").
Article 2 (Activity and Change of Terms and Conditions)
1. This Agreement is effective by informing members through service or by e-mail. 2. The company may amend the terms and conditions under the relevant laws and statutes when there is a change in the situation or major business reason. The changed terms and conditions will become effective as they are notified to the members by the method of 1.
Article 3 (compliance other than terms and conditions)
1. Matters not mentioned in this Agreement shall be governed by the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, and other relevant statutes or correlations. 2. These terms and conditions are applied together with the information on individual services provided by the company.
[Chapter 2 Service Use Agreement]
Article 4 (Enforcement of a contract for use)
1. When a member clicks the "I agree" button when he or she asks if he or she agrees to the terms and conditions. 2. If the 'member' does not agree to the changed terms and conditions, he/she may discontinue the use of 'service' and withdraw. If the 'service' is continuously used even after the terms and conditions have been changed and become effective under Article 2, the 'member' shall be deemed to have agreed to the change of the terms and conditions. 3. The service contract is established by the company's consent to the service application after the service user agrees to the service terms and conditions. 4. The company agrees with the service application of the applicant as prescribed in Article 7. However, if the applicant has previously lost his or her membership under Article 10 of this Agreement, the company shall not be recognized as agreeing without the company's explicit refusal.
Article 5 (The withdrawal of members and the loss of qualifications)
1. A member may request the company to cancel his/her membership at any time (withdrawal of the membership), and the company shall take steps to terminate the membership of the member upon receipt of the above request. 2. If a member falls under any of the following reasons, the company may restrict, suspend, or lose the member's qualification in an appropriate way: A. Where false information is registered at the time of application for membership. B. In the case of threatening the electronic transaction order, such as obstructing other people's use of the company or stealing the information; C. In case of violation of statutes and these terms and conditions; (d) Where registering for the purpose of impeding the well-being, order, and customs of society; (c) Where the company no longer finds it difficult to maintain its membership due to the act corresponding to the above or the act prescribed in Article 20(2); 3. If the company decides to lose the membership of a member pursuant to paragraph (2), the membership registration shall be revoked.
Article 6 (Application for Use)
1. In order to use this service, all member information required in the application form must be recorded and applied. 2. All member information written on the application form is considered to be actual data. Users who do not enter their real names or actual information are not legally protected and may be subject to service restrictions.
Article 7 (Approval of Use Application)
1. The company accepts the application for use of the service except in the case of violation of the provisions of Article 5, 6, and .
2. The company may withhold its consent until the reason is resolved in the following cases:
A. In case there is no room for service-related facilities
B. In case of technical difficulties
C. In case a certain period of time has not elapsed since the sign-up was terminated;
D. Other cases where the company is deemed necessary;
3. The company may not accept the subscription if: A. In case it is not your resident registration number
(If the application is made using another person's name or alias)
B. Where an application is made by falsely stating the necessary details when applying for use;
D. Where an application is made for the purpose of undermining the order of well-being or customs of society;
E. In the event that the company does not comply with the requirements for application for use,
F. If you apply for a sensational and obscene ID,
G. Where applying for an ID that is antisocial and violates the relevant statutes;
H. When applying for an ID deemed empty or slang.
I. Where a child under the age of 14 fails to obtain consent from the legal representative of the parent, etc.;
Article 8 (Changes in member information)
If the member's information entered at the time of application for use is changed, the member shall revise it online, and the member shall be responsible for the problem caused by the failure to change it.
[Chapter 3 Obligations of Contracting Parties]
Article 9 (Duties of the Company)
1. The company shall not divulge, disclose or distribute personal information of members acquired in connection with the service provision to others without prior consent from the company and shall not use it for commercial purposes other than service-related affairs. Exceptions are given to:
A. Where there are special provisions in the Act on Real-name Financial Transactions and Confidentiality, the Act on the Use and Protection of Credit Information, the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Local Tax Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the Bank of Korea Act, and the Criminal Procedure Act.
B. Where there are special provisions in statutes, such as the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Local Tax Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the Bank of Korea Act, and the Criminal Procedure Act;
C. Where specific individuals are provided in an unidentifiable form, as necessary for statistical/academic research or market research;
D. share some of the member's information with business partners and affiliates hosting and sponsoring the event to participate in the event and provide other better services;
E. In the case of providing goods or services provided by the announced business partners and affiliates;
However, in the case of paragraph B or Ma, the company requires business partners and affiliates not to divulge the member's information to others. Nevertheless, if a business partner or affiliate divulges information of a member to another person, the company shall avoid liability for such leakage unless there is intentional or gross negligence.
2. Within the scope of paragraph 1, the company can prepare and use statistical data on all or part of the members' personal information in relation to their work and send cookies to the members' computers through the service. In this case, the member can change the settings of the browser on the computer that he uses to deny the receipt of the cookie or to warn about the receipt of the cookie.
3. The company can provide members with various events or information services by means of wired and wireless communication such as e-mail, mail, SMS, etc. In addition, if you indicated that you would receive suggestions or information from the company and its business partners and partners at the time of your membership registration, we will send you news about your services or products via e-mail, correspondence, SMS, etc. If you do not want to receive this kind of mail or information, you can modify your information by saying that you do not want to receive mail or information in Personal Information Modification.
4. In principle, the company shall immediately handle complaints raised by the members if they are deemed justifiable. However, if it is difficult to handle immediately, the member shall be notified of the reason and the processing schedule.
Article 10 (Duties of Members)
1. The "member" shall comply with the notice or notification made by the "company", such as the relevant statutes, the provisions of this Agreement, instructions for use, and precautions, and shall not interfere with the work of the "company".
2. 'Members' are not allowed to engage in any profit-making activities using the service without prior consent from the 'Company'.
3. "members" shall not copy, copy, change, translate, publish, broadcast, or provide information obtained using the service to others without prior consent from the company.
4. 'Member' shall acquire portrait rights, trademark rights, patent rights and other rights to the subject when using images including photographs, and if any dispute arises, the member shall assume full responsibility.
5. A member shall not perform any of the following acts when using the service: A. The act of collecting and storing the ID and personal information of other members and using them illegally;
B. Reproducing information obtained from the service for purposes other than the use of the members without prior consent from the company, using it for alteration, publication, broadcasting, etc., or providing it to others;
C. The act of infringing on the copyright of the company, copyright of others, etc.
D. Dissemination of information, sentences, shapes, etc. in violation of public order and customs to others;
E. the act of being objectively judged to be linked to a crime.
F. the act of defaming or insulting others.
G. The act of hacking or distributing computer viruses.
H. The act of transmitting advertising or advertising information or other sales.
I. Any act that may interfere with or hinder the stable operation of the service;
J. Other acts in violation of relevant laws and regulations.
6. The members shall comply with the relevant statutes, the matters stipulated in this Agreement, and the service use guidelines and precautions.
7. The members shall comply with the restrictions posted or announced separately by the company on the service notice by content.
8. Members shall not engage in any profit-making activities using the service without prior consent of the company.
[Chapter 4 Providing and Using Services]
Article 11 (Categories of Services)
1. This Agreement applies by default to all services provided by the Company and may be annexed to services requiring separate provisions of other Terms.
A. Categories of services provided by the company's business partners and affiliates
B. Community Service Category
C. Type and Intangible E-Commerce Categories
D. Other service categories determined by the company;
Article 12 (Member's obligation to manage member ID and password)
1. The member is responsible for all management of ID and password. The member shall be solely responsible for any consequences caused by the member's improper use of the ID and password. 2. In the event that his ID is used illegally or for other security breaches, the member shall notify the company of such fact.
Article 13 (Providing Information)
The company can provide the members with various information necessary and recognized while using the service by e-mail or letter mail. If the member does not want to do so, the company can reject the information in the subscription application menu and the member information modification menu.
Article 14 (Trade with Advertisers)
This site includes services for promotional activities by advertisers other than the company. The company shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused as a result of the member's participation in the advertiser's promotional activities posted on this site or through this service.
Article 15 (Members' Posts)
The company shall not assume any civil or criminal responsibility for the contents posted, posted, e-mail, or otherwise transmitted by the members through this service, and may delete them without prior notice in the following cases: 1. In the case of slander, breach of privacy, or slander against another member or other person; 2. Where there is a risk of disrupting or damaging the stable operation of the service; 3. In case the contents are deemed to be related to criminal acts; 4. In the case of infringing on the company's intellectual property rights, intellectual property rights of others, etc.; 5. In case the posting period specified by the company is exceeded 6. Where it is deemed to be in violation of other relevant statutes;
Article 16 (Rights and Responsibilities to the Post)
1. Copyright to all posts on this Site belongs to the Company.
2. The copyright of the work posted by the member belongs to the member. However, the members shall be deemed to have granted the company the right to use it free of charge.
3. The company protects the company-owned posts, and it is prohibited for the posts to be used or quoted on other sites by others without the company's permission.
Article 17 (Service Hours)
1. Service is available 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, unless there are any special reasons, such as business or technical problems of the company. However, if the company needs to inspect the facilities, or if the service is disrupted due to a failure of the facilities or a surge in the use of the service, the whole or part of the service may be restricted.
2. The company may separately determine the hours of service use for some of the services provided. In this case, it shall notify or notify the members in advance.
Article 18 (Service Utilization Responsibilities)
The members shall not engage in any business activities selling illegal products using the service, especially hacking, money-making advertisements, commercial activities through pornographic websites, or illegal distribution of commercial S/W. The company shall not be held liable for civil or criminal liability arising from such violation.
Article 19 (Service Restrictions and Stops)
1. The company may restrict or suspend all or part of the service in the event of an exhibition, accident, natural disaster, or similar national emergency, or other unavoidable reasons, such as the suspension of telecommunication services by a fixed-term telecommunication service provider under the Telecommunications Business Act.
2. When the company restricts or suspends the use of the service pursuant to the provisions of paragraph (1), it shall notify the members of the reason for the restriction, period, etc.
[Chapter 5]
Article 20 (Cancellation and Use Restriction)
1. When a member intends to terminate a service contract, he/she must apply for cancellation to the company. 2. The company may terminate the service contract without prior notice or suspend the service use for a fixed period of time if a member commits any of the following acts: A. If someone else's service ID and password are stolen. B. In the case of intentionally obstructing the operation of the service; C. In the case of intentionally disseminating content that is detrimental to public order and customs; D. Where a member plans or implements the use of the service for the purpose of undermining the national or social public interest; E. In case of an act that damages or penalizes another person's F. the transmission of large amounts of information or advertising information for the purpose of preventing the stable operation of the service; G. In the case of distributing computer virus programs that cause malfunction of information and communication facilities or destruction of information; H. In case of infringing on the intellectual property rights of the company, other members or others; I. In the event that an external agency, such as the Information and Communication Ethics Committee, requests for corrective action or receives an authoritative interpretation from the Election Commission in connection with illegal election campaigns, J. In case of fraudulent use of other people's personal information, member ID and password; K. Where information obtained using the company's service information is reproduced or distributed without prior consent from the company or used commercially; L. If a member posts obscene materials on his or her homepage or bulletin board or links to pornographic websites, M. Any violation of the terms and conditions of use and related statutes prescribed by the company, including these terms and conditions;
Article 21 (Reimbursement for Damage)
The company shall not be liable for damages incurred to the members in connection with the use of the service unless there is intentional or gross negligence.
Article 22 (secured)
1. Information provided by the company, information provided by the company's business partners and partners, or information provided by a particular expert (including questions and answers) may not have been subject to scientific experimentation and verification procedures. The company does not guarantee the reliability or accuracy of the information above.
2. The company does not guarantee the reliability, accuracy, etc. of information, data, facts posted on the service by the member.
3. For matters not secured by the company, responsibility may be restricted or exempted as provided in Article 24.
Article 23 (No Transfer)
The "member" shall not transfer the right to use the service or other service contract status to another person or provide it as collateral.
Article 24 (Exemption Clause)
1. If the company is unable to provide services due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure, the company is exempted from responsibility for providing services.
2. The company is exempted from responsibility in the event of a failure in service use due to a member's fault.
3. The company shall be exempted from responsibility for damages caused by the member's failure to earn expected profits from the company's service provision, selection of service data, or use of the service data.
4. The Company shall be exempted from liability for damages caused by matters not secured by the Company in Article 22.
Article 25 (Resolution and Jurisdiction of Disputes)
1. 'Company' and 'members' shall make every effort necessary to smoothly resolve disputes arising from the service.
2. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph (1), if a lawsuit is filed due to this dispute, the court having jurisdiction over the location of the company shall be the competent court.
3. Korean law applies to electronic transaction lawsuits filed between 'company' and users.
[Appendix Clause 6]
Article 26 (Regulations on Communities and Other Sites)
Pursuant to Chapter 4, Clause 11 of the terms and conditions of the Member Agreement, the terms and conditions related to the detailed service category of the Community are defined as follows:
1. Members who qualify as 'members' of 'Company' will automatically be registered as 'members' of the 'Company' community.
2. In order to receive services from some of the 'company' communities, 'members' may need to fill out separate details.
3. The mandatory provisions of the members for the use of community services shall be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the 'Company' and the relevant legal regulations and practices.
4. The company can take technical measures such as separating data of posts and moving bulletin boards without prior notice for the smooth use of services by multiple members.