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K-Pop & Trot (159)

  • 2018.11.12
    release date
    It is a BTOB Ballad song with a medium tempo meaning that it is beautiful and sad that this time living now will never come back.

    The harmony of the warmth of the orchestration and retro guitar sound stimulates the mood of a sad autumn.
  • 2020.11.15
    release date
    Everyone feels that their breakup is special, but in the end, their separation is similar to the process and the flow of emotions.

    So many people live well after the hard experience. But the moment of parting is so unbearable.

    I hope I'm such an obvious, ordinary, common person at that very momentarily.

    Like countless farewells that time solves, singer Lee Seung-gi sings calmly, with an earnest desire to be such an obvious man.
  • 2020.11.17
    Release date
    The song contains the complex emotions of a person who lives a daily life left behind in the absence of a person who has left.

    CNBLUE's emotional melody and alternative rock arrangement, such as the various rock music that CNBLUE has shown so far, has enhanced the level of the song with the heightened pop sound of the chorus.

K-Traditional Music (1)

  • 2020.1.22
    Recommended music
    'Dalha' is our old word for the moon.

    It is the only Ballad song in the "Jang So-young" album released in 2007 that depicts the image of a woman waiting for someone alone while looking at the moon.

    The sad and pathetic cry of Haegeum makes us feel sad as if we will burst the wound that has been buried in our hearts again.

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