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K-Pop & Trot (10)

  • 2019.1.2
    release date
    "Gotta Go" is the second song with Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon after "Roller Coaster," which has reached 100 million streams.

    The captivating flute sound resonates as if it were spreading curtains, followed by the plug sound, and Chung-ha's voice was added to the solid rhythm to complete the charming and addictive EDM.
  • 2020.1.21
    release date
    ♡ Paul Kim and Chungha's special duet song "Loveship" is a song about Paul Kim's own lyrics and compositions, which he passed unnoticed because he was an old friend.

    It is an R&B song that will warm up the new year in 2020 with a vintage keyboard and cozy string sound combined with the harmony of the two artists.
  • 2021.2.15
    Release Date
    Along with the R&B pop-trap sound that unfolds with the introduction of a strong fuzz guitar, the song expresses the excitement and overwhelming energy of the moment when the pedal is pressed forward.

    The straight lyrics of the chorus part, leading to "Get out of my way-ah! / I'll show you how I like it," and the relentless Attic imprint on the confidence and irreplaceable presence of an independent and energetic solo artist.

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