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K-Pop & Trot (8)

  • 2019.12.1
    release date
    Written and composed by Park Jin-young, 'Fever' is a trendy reinterpretation of his musical roots, the Vaudville (entertainment that took place in an American theater restaurant in the early 20th century).

    I was inspired by the show of the Cotton Club in Manhattan, the epitome of Bodville, and his favorite Sammy Davis Jr. and Nicholas Brothers among the legends there.
  • 2021.4.26
    Release date
    The combination of sensual lyrics and concise song composition such as "My whole body burns up because of you and my heart is thirsty because of you" gives me a unique feeling.

    I compared the image of a boy waiting for someone to recognize me to a vampire with a lower body temperature than humans.

    It's a Fever that started because of you, but it's also you who can heal it, singing about your desperation for the other person.
  • 2020.7.1
    Release date
    Summer Hate (Feat. 비)

    Lyrics by ZICO
    Composed by ZICO, Poptime
    Arranged by ZICO, Poptime
    Guitar Kim Dong-min
    Keyboard Park Ji-yong
    Chorus ZICO, Gye Beomju, Rain
    Vocals Recorded by 정은경 @In Grid Studio / 배소윤 @Stay Tuned Studio
    Mixed by Stay Tuned @Stay Tuned Studio
    Mastered by Kwon Nam-woo @821 Sound

K-Traditional Music (0)

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K-Cultural Heritage (1)

  • 2000.1.11
    designated date
    Danan is also known as the "span class='xml2' onmouseover='up2(1058)' onmouseout='dn2()'dn2()(>>>>>>/spanan, a disease known for its red spots on the skin and swelling of the face. It is known that the disease is caused by irregularities in villages and homes, or by evil spirits or evil spirits. Men and women of all ages develop the Dan, and the Dan has a high Fever of 42 degrees.

    Depending on the shape and shape of the platform, it is divided into 12 layers, including Cheongdan, Taedan, Hwangdan, Hongdan, Patdan, Pungdan, Bandan, Nokdudan, Todan, Memildan, Baekdan, and Gumok Gwangsoldan. I heard Dan's developing disease.It's called ," and when it develops, it involves acupuncture, folk remedies or anti-corruption rituals such as white porcelain and zaraffi, which are called " short-handedness".

    Nana-ri Danjapgi is a unique form of disease in which most villagers unite to treat diseases because it is effective only when many people participate and the sound resonates in Sedongne, Nana-ri.

    In the editorial, the play was related to the fall of Baekje, as it was used to defeat the Danguisin and was associated with the collapse of Baekje. It was a folk game with a great sense of tradition and history, and it was awarded the Presidential Award at the 36th National Folk Festival, and is now recognized as the holder of Lee Kyu-chan.

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