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K-Pop & Trot (9)

  • 2020.11.9
    release date
    He declared himself a witch without being swayed by others' gaze or judgment, expressing his frank desire and positive and confident attitude as a splendid and brilliant festival.

    With retro synthesizer riffs, danceable drum beats and disco bass lines that captivate the ears with disco genre songs, the 1980s-style music was recalled in GFRIEND's own style in 2020.

    Sing me who blooms anew and proudly becomes the master of life.
  • 2019.1.14
    release date
    This song expresses the girl's increasingly deepened heart by comparing the person she likes to the 'Sun' that hasn't come to mind yet. The song has been composed from the previous work, "Night," with no time to bored the girl's complex mind, and a spectacular orchestral arrangement that is constantly raging.
  • 2015.1.15
    release date
    The lyrics express the girls' desire to shine brightly on the world with their loved ones, even though they look weak like glass beads.

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