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  • 1983.8.6
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    Nongcheong Nori is a Baekjung (July 15th) game that was introduced in Masan and Changwon, and can be found in Dulege, an organization for village collaboration. It is said that it originated from the belief that the upper part of the upper part of the upper part of the upper part of the upper part of the upper part of the rock would be greatly appreciated if the upper part of the upper part of the rock was celebrated.

    Nongcheong Nori can be divided into gije, plough jeon, prayer, entertainment and incense. Before leaving for Sangtubawi Rock, a memorial service is held, and a flag as long as 8m long is erected and a high-quality ritual is held as a simple sacrifice, and then the ritual is carried out to Sangtubawi Rock. They march around the flags escorted by the generals, and when they meet another farmhouse, they engage in a war of nerves. Both sides are whirling back and forth, and when the Sagak-dong rings, they run toward the opponent's flag, and if the attack squad climbs up the flagpole and walks or raises the flagpole, the game is over. The winning team should put a flagpole at the top of the standing rock, and the losing team at the bottom. After offering sacrifices in front of the rock and praying on their stomachs, the participants share their drinks and perform pangut with each other.

    Masan Nongcheong Nori is a game that reflects the religious ceremony of wishing good luck with a fierce fighting of spirit, and is characterized by giving recognition regardless of victory or defeat. Although this ritual was lost due to the construction of a water supply station at the top of Eobokgol, it is now meaningful to promote the unity and cooperative spirit of farmers.

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