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K-Pop & Trot (9)

  • 2021.1.26
    Release date
    It is a song of Dreamcatcher's Young Metal or New Metal genre that adds intense rock sounds and elements of hip-hop, and it embodies a new sound by adding rock's unique rough sound and hip-hop rhythm.

    To express the sanctity, the piano's low range and wide spatial backing vocals were used, and the vocal melody and distortion guitar melodies overlap in the chorus, attracting listeners' ears.
  • 2020.5.11
    Release date
    'Zombie' sings about the despair faced by something that interferes with the balance of love. The chorus that moves around the mouth even once you hear it is addictive.

    With the lyrics "When did the mindless scarecrow with empty head and heart start to do this" reveals the emptiness of 'I'm', which lives no different than zombies.

    He drew a zombie who lost his emotion due to the hip-hop-based rhythm and ballad-like chord progression. The rock sound and powerful vocals create an impressive contrast by singing the feelings of love that are still lingering.
  • 2018.6.22
    Release date
    It is a song that feels like it has a solid source of heat deep inside.

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