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K-Pop & Trot (15)

  • 2019.11.25
    release date
    It is a song that interprets the intense first encounter and process of the main characters in the movie, and features a more colorful atmosphere through Kang Daniel's performance.

    Starting with respect to pop sound, which was greatly loved in the 80s and 90s, the song combined each feature of various genres, including EDM, Rock, Pop and Dance, to create a rich sound, and focused on the powerful Bass of the chorus.
  • 2020.12.1
    Billboard 1st
    The first track and title track to open the album, "Life Goes On," is a song in the genre of alternative hip-hop featuring emotional acoustic guitar sounds.

    It's a song that delivers a message of comfort, "Life continues" in the face of an unwanted situation where you have to run hard and stop, and you can feel the unique charm of BTS singing in a low- and medium-pitched voice.

    The sincere lyrics that anyone can relate to add to the heavy echo of BTS, further TOUCHINg their hearts.
  • 2000.12.14
    release date
    It was the title song of Lee So-ra's fourth album, "Flower," released in December 2000, and composed by Kim Hyun-chul, who wrote many songs on his album.

    Among the emotional songs of Lee So-ra, the song is considered one of the most TOUCHINg songs and is about missing her ex-lover from a woman's point of view.

K-Traditional Music (1)

  • 2020.9.22
    Recommended music
    HA:NEUL - A song that is part of the regular performance of the Changgeukdan of the Jeollabuk-do Provincial Gugak Center 'Ame Arirang'

    To convey the heart of every mother in the world
    cry one's heart out to the sky

    It reminds me of our mother who lives only for her children.
    a TOUCHINg stage where tears never stop.

K-Cultural Heritage (2)

  • 1987.12.31
    designated date
    Nongak is the music played by farmers when they work with Du-re (an organization for community work) and refers to the music played by percussion instruments such as kkwa-ri, Jing-gu, Janggu, and drum.

    Buan Nongak, a type of Honam Udo Nongak, has the characteristics of Honam Udo Nongak, Gyeongnam Nongak, and Gyeonggi Nongak, so its music and dance performances are perfectly organized. The rhythm also has the middle characteristics of Honam Udo Nongak and Gyeongsang-do Nongak, so there are many lively rhythms.

    Currently, Na Mo-nyeo, a holder of Buan Nongak's entertainment, is an entertainer of Sangsoe who commands the Nongak band with his chopsticks, and has a variety of dance moves and their compositions and techniques. His iron sound is regarded as the sound of the Divine Spirit TOUCHINg, and his movements are likened to a fully-cooked fairy play.
  • 2000.7.1
    Specified date
    Jigyeongdajigi refers to the work of building a new house. It is a cooperative labor where the people of the neighborhood gather together, and it contains a sense of chasing and blessing disasters. Sangnoji jigyeongdajigi can be seen as originated from the traditional life of agricultural society beyond the simple meaning of turdajigi.

    The Cheorwon Sangnoriji Gyeongdajigi can be divided into three fields: ritual, jigyeongdajigi, and yeoheung nori. Proposal is a shamanistic ritual that aims to prevent the anger of the intellect that can be caused by TOUCHINg the ground before engaging in a war of nerves. Jisin is active only at night, so he lights a torch in the evening, and the owner becomes Jeju, reads a congratulatory message and performs a rite. After the ritual, people who participated in the jigyeongdajigi put the jigyeongdol in the middle and hold the jigyeongjipjari line and strengthen the site. As you iron out the horizon, you sing the labor songs of the jigsaw and phlegm, and the first paragraph of the song is about the origin of the region, the environment of the house, the history of the landlord, and so on, and so on, improvising according to the circumstances. When the jigyeong daggi is over, it leads to a play of entertainment and plays with alcohol and food until late at night.

    The Cheorwon Sangnori Gyeongdajigi offers a glimpse of the traditional folk culture and tradition of agricultural life.

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