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K-Pop & Trot (1)

  • 2020.7.11
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    MBC entertainment program [What do you do when you play?]]'s project,
    Summer Dance Mixed Group [sprout 3]!

    Born-to-be sugar addict 'Yuduraegon' who used to kick whenever he heard music above 130 BPM from his mother's stomach.
    Grie, who started at a small hair salon in Korean town in L.A. and now runs 200 hair salon chains across the United States, is a Korean-American sister 'Linda G'
    He is also the third-largest monk in Asia, along with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

K-Traditional Music (1)

  • 2021.10.21
    Song recommendation.
    Singer-songwriter Shin Soo-yong is a Korean classical musician who works on fusion music using not only Korean traditional music but also various genres of music such as vocal music.

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