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  • 2020.3.26
    Ahn Jung-geun's patriotic martyrdom
    He was an independence activist at the end of the Korean Peninsula and worked hard to foster human resources by establishing Samheung School. On October 26, 1909, he disguised himself as a Japanese and infiltrated Harbin Station and killed Ito Hirobumi, the main culprit of Korean invasion, on the station platform.
    On March 26, 1910, he died in Lushun Prison and was posthumously awarded the Order of Merit for National Foundation in 1962.
  • 1909.10.26
    a historic day
    On October 26, 1909, Ahn Jung-geun killed Hirobumi Ito of Japan who visited Harbin to discuss the right to construct the Manchurian railway and the annexation of the Korean Peninsula.

    Ahn Jung-geun was executed on March 26, 1910 after being arrested by a Russian military police for shouting "Hurrah for the Republic of Korea" at the scene.

    Ahn Jung-geun (from September 2, 1879 to March 26, 1910) is a soldier of the Korean Empire, commander of the anti-Japanese righteous army and political thinker.

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