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K-Pop & Trot (4)

  • 2013.7.2
    release date
    It presents the fresh charm created by Ailee's eight-color vocal, which makes people expect with the explosive energy and talent hidden behind her cute appearance.
  • 2017.9.8
    award day
    The song won the Korean Wave Drama Theme Award at the 2017 Seoul Drama Awards for its tvN drama 'Guardian' OST.

    It is a symbolic song that has turned Ailee's existing image almost 180 degrees.

    It starts with a soft singing style that Ailee has not shown in her previous songs, and sings in a mournful and mournful manner to suit the ballad atmosphere.
  • 2020.10.6
    Release Date
    Someone who's done writing love would feel better if it was really love.

    Even if they had the same form of love in the time they spent together,

    And as opposed to a man who works endlessly in love, you're just casually receiving the other person's heart.

    Relationships between people can be formed.

    "While We Love" is written from the perspective of an unconditional loved one.

    It's a song about regret that comes from the heart that we couldn't love you more and do our best.

    It is enough for listeners to feel restrained sadness and emotion with the sorrow of Ailee, the top female vocalist in Korea, and the explosive high notes at the same time.

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