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  • 1968.4.1
    Organization day
    The Reserve Day was established by the Ministry of National Defense in order to renew its commitment to protect the homeland with all the Republic of Korea's reserve forces are organized by the Ministry of National Defense.

    When the January 21st incident occurred in 1968, the founding ceremony of the Local Reserve Army was held at Daejeon Public Stadium on April 1 of that year, and the 'Local Reserve Army Day' ceremony was held every year on the first Saturday of April from 1970.
  • 1919.4.11
    statutory anniversary
    The anniversary of the Establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea was designated as an opportunity to succeed the spirit of the March 1st Movement and regain the sovereignty lost to Japan, and to inherit and develop the spirit of independence of the Korean Provisional Government established in Shanghai, Republic of China, in order to achieve the independence of the country.

    The ceremony, which was organized by the Korea Independent Merit Association until 1989, was established as a national anniversary on December 30, 1989 by the Korean government to commemorate April 11, the Date of the Establishment of the provisional government in Shanghai, and has been held as a government-sponsored event since the 71st anniversary ceremony on April 13, 1990.

    Data held on April 13, but history until 2018 Moon Jae-in government to find an additional historians and 2019, April 11, will accept the opinions of the ceremony.I was.
  • 1962.6.21
    Date of establishment
    The Korean government, which established the first five-year economic development plan, established the Korea Trade Promotion Corporation on June 21, 1962.

    At that time, Korea's annual exports amounted to $57 million, with only 33 countries subject to trade.

    As a public service agency for the promotion of Korean trade, it has supported quantitative expansion and qualitative development of trade in the process of leading and supporting the industry's entry into overseas markets, and supports the introduction and implementation of government trade policies.

    Basic tasks such as collecting and delivering information on overseas markets, pioneering and arranging overseas markets, and overseas exhibition and promotion of Korean products are characterized by overseas-oriented features.

    Since its Establishment in 1962 with the simultaneous Establishment of overseas trade centers in New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Bangkok, it has been expanded and reorganized with the promotion of Korean trade.

    The current name is Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency.

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