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  • 2001.11.5
    designated date
    A ranch refers to a craftsman who builds a house. It was also called a carpenter or ranch, and among them, a master craftsman who was responsible for the overall work was referred to as a potter or a potter. In Korea, wooden houses were developed with wood that were easily found in large forests, and palaces and temples were also built with trees. Therefore, the carpenter's job to handle trees was very useful.

    In "Gyeongguk Daejeon," it was recorded as a ranch without distinction between a ranch and a small ranch, but during the Goryeo Dynasty, there were two separate areas for building houses and weaving furniture. As the carpenter's work was complicated, he organized a systematized organization according to his duties. Under Dogyeonsu, which was in charge of the overall control of the entire building, there were several auxiliary pieces and pyeons and pyeons. The pyeons and wooden pyeons helped to cut and hang rafters in each process, including columns and beams, and roof structure. In addition to building the house, the wooden-floored ranch for weaving door frames, the stone yard for laying on ondol, the ni-jang for finishing the wall, and the Jehu and Bunwa-jang for making tiles and connecting the roof are long as each of their responsibilities.

    It was the purification of the technology culture that was completed through close collaboration. In particular, the traditional burial ground's ability to complete a house with a simple number and columns without any detailed drawings is amazing.

    The ranch includes the late Bae Hee-han, the late Lee Kwang-kyu, the late Ko Taek-young and Shin Eung-soo, Jeon Heung-soo and Choi Ki-young, who were designated as national intangible cultural assets, and several craftsmen are also working in the provinces through their respective transmission systems. Gyeonggi-do Provincial Government is a master of the ranch, and Jang Hyo-soon (born 1939) was designated as No. 36 in 2001.

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  • 1967.6.23
    Relocated day
    The Gyeonggi Provincial Government moved from Seoul to the foot of Paldang Mountain in Suwon on June 23, 1967.

    As the Provincial Government moved to Suwon, a business trip to Uijeongbu was created to take charge of administrative affairs in northern Gyeonggi Province.

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