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  • 2020.9.2
    Recommended music
    The 22nd National Rookie of the Year Presentation Conference

    the stage of young newcomers who will open up the future.
  • 2020.10.12
    Recommended music
    -Explain the name of the song
    It's a song for young people who have dug between bamboo forests, a virtual space of the fierce living 'N4 Generation' of Gyeonggi-do Danggut's 'Dosalpuri rhythm'
    Reinterpret the six-night rhythm of the 12 lyrics and sing the song 'Suyangsana' in the 12 lyrics borrowed from the new melody.

    ★ Park Han-kyul X Jang Myeong-seo - Composed, Lyrics: Park Han-kyul X Jang Myeong-seo / Handpan: Park Han-kyul / Jeong-ga: Jang Myeong-seo

    - Performance Description
    The 21C Korean Music Project, which was first held in 2007, began with the many changes the 21C Korean Music Project has attempted over the past decade or so with the production team's desire to encourage fresh and competent young gugak musicians to participate more actively and create high-quality creative Gugak. Through the 21C Korean Music Project, which begins anew with a dream of a new decade, it is hoped that Gugak will be a music enjoyed together regardless of gender or age by discovering competitive and high-quality works in the global market in a bold attempt to interpret the characteristics of traditional music, not difficult and hard to hear.

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