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  • 2020.10.15
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    Heungbo is the center of pansori "Heungbo," which sings the story of Heungbo, who was poor, getting rich.

    Heungbo carefully planted the seeds that the swallow gave him, and even when the Chuseok holiday approaches, Heungbo's family, who have nothing to eat, burns the gourd to cook and eat it.

    Unexpectedly, the story is about money and rice in the first gourd, fabrics in the second gourd, and carpenters who will build houses in the third gourd come out and become rich in the morning.

    Because various situations develop rapidly, there are many dramatic transitions, and various editorials are popular with the audience due to their cute musical arrangements.
    On the other hand, this section is also known as Heungbo-batting, which is distinguished from "Nolbo-batting."

    Pansori - Jo Su Huang (Cho Su Huang)
    Gold Medal of Pansori General Department of the 32nd Dong-A Traditional Music Competition
    Pansori General, Prime Minister's Award at the 17th National Traditional Music Competition
    2018 Korean Music Award Winning 'Young Music Virtual'

    SORIBOOK - Jung Jun Ho

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