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K-Pop & Trot (3)

  • 2021.1.15
    Release date
    It is an impressive R&B song with sensuous beats and lyrical melodies. The lyrics compare the pain of separation with a terrible cold.

    In particular, new composers Glowingdog (Glowing Dog) and Daun participated in the song's lyrics and composition, drawing attention.
  • 2021.3.24
    Release Date
    It is an R&B song that features minimal beats, emotional toplines and lyrics, and it blends well with Kangta's delicate falsetto with lyrics expressed in winter when she does not melt her longing for an unforgettable lover.
  • 2021.7.14
    Release date
    A remake of "Free To Fly" from H.O.T.'s second studio album "Wolf And Sheep" was released in 1997.

    Produced by the original singer Yoo Young-jin, the song doubles the charm of the song by combining richer sounds with the sweet vocals of Kangta.

K-Traditional Music (0)

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K-Cultural Heritage (1)

  • 1989.7.6
    designated date
    Gayageum sancho refers to a sanjo designed to be played with gayageum. Sanjo refers to the form of playing a musical instrument alone, starting with a slow rhythm and gradually turning into a fast one, which slowly makes the listener nervous and excited.

    Gayageum Sanjo is composed of four to six rhythms. Looking at the feelings of each rhythm, Jinyangjo is very slow and lyrical, Jungmori is stable, and Jungjungmori is very entertaining. Self-momori is bright and cheerful, and Hwimori has excitement and urgency. It was made before Sanjo played with other instruments, and due to its outstanding technique, it attracted a lot of people's attention and formed several factions.

    The Gangtae Hongryu Gayageum Sanjo is regarded as the head of the Kigyo faction due to its many difficult techniques such as preventing and suppressing. According to the characteristics, there are many pleasant and gentle aspects by reducing the number of cuneiforms (voice that gives a sad and sad feeling), which can be called the root of sanjo, and attracting a lot of milky and vigorous tones (voice that gives a clear and elaborate voice, giving a clear and clear feeling). The rhythm is complex, irregular, and often offbeat.

    The Gangtae Hongryu Gayageum Sanjo is a solo song that pursues pure musical beauty among traditional music, and it is a valuable piece of music that gives a feeling of cheerfulness compared to other music. Currently, the Gangtae Hongryu Yageum Sanjo Preservation Society is striving to inherit and preserve the kingdom.

K-History (0)

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Special (0)

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