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  • 2016.5.9
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    Buddhist paintings, along with Buddhist pagodas and statues, can be classified as objects of Buddhist faith, and according to their production form, they can be classified as tanghwa, vulcanization, and mural paintings. In particular, the tanghwa is enshrined as a major object of worship after undergoing religious rituals such as costume and burial rituals. Tanghwa, which is handed down to Korean traditional temples, is the main source of Buddhist paintings, and the craftsmen in charge of Buddhist paintings were called Geum-eo, Hwaseung, Hwasa, and Hwawon.

    In the meantime, the function of making a Buddhist painting has been passed down by the owner of Dancheong, but considering the characteristics of the items, it was separated into a single item and designated as a Buddhist cremation site.

    Kim Jong-seop was born in Taean, South Chungcheong Province, but settled in Mungyeong due to the great monk of Sabulsan Mountain and Kim Ryong-sa of Undalsan Mountain. After his settlement, he established the Gwaneum Buddhist Art Institute and has been focusing on his work.

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