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K-Pop & Trot (22)

  • 2015.11.30
    release date
    [Hwayangyeonhwa pt.1] It's an exciting alternative hip hop song that continues the funky vibe of "BTS".

    It is a hometown hymn that connects "Paldo Gangsan", which sings about their hometown in dialect rap, and contains the perception that it is a reality that has been walking with affection for the cities where members were born and raised, such as Ilsan (Lap Monster), Daegu (Suga), Busan (Jimin), and Gwangju (J-hope).

    You can enjoy the excitement of BTS, which boasts the brilliant wit and beagles of K-pop groups that lead the Korean Wave.
  • 2019.1.9
    Release Date
    It is a dance song that starts with an impressive guitar riff and develops into a heavy sound, and it has an impressive sound with hip-hop elements.

    "Valkyrie" is also a song with the fantasy element of finding Valkyrie to light us in the dark and the symbolic meaning of the light, with the theme 'Valkyrie' known as the presence of brave warriors in the war of the human world in Northern Europe.
  • 2021.1.26
    Release date
    It is a song of Dreamcatcher's Young Metal or New Metal genre that adds intense rock sounds and elements of hip-hop, and it embodies a new sound by adding rock's unique rough sound and hip-hop rhythm.

    To express the sanctity, the piano's low range and wide spatial backing vocals were used, and the vocal melody and distortion guitar melodies overLap in the chorus, attracting listeners' ears.

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