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K-Pop & Trot (5)

  • 2019.9.10
    release date
    My dry skin, dark circles that come down to my chin, and I find myself reflected in the mirror while being too absorbed in my work. 'I'm gonna hit him.

    We all live similar lives, but among them, "Workaholic" lives are somehow empty and boring. It's a song like a message to tired walkaholic who is more likely to hit the world than others.

    It contains the emotions of 25 years of puberty that I want to live only today, and it has a variety of sounds, including the introduction of repeated rhythmical mute guitar and bass guitar riffs, the free chorus part of the combination of organ and acoustic guitar, and the string line, rhythm guitar and big drum in the second half.
  • 2019.9.23
    release date
    'Feel Special' sang the heart-rending moment presented by precious people as they walked through a dark tunnel of mind like a black night. It is all the more special in that it is a song inspired by the conversation JYP chief Park Jin-young had with TWICE members. The feelings TWICE experienced as they overcame difficult moments on their four-year journey after their debut became the starting point for the song. Park Jin-young wrote the song with the hope that when she suddenly wants to sit down in fear, someone's warm words will help her get back on her feet. TWICE also sang the song hoping that it would be a boost to everyone. The arrangement involved Lee Woo-min, who composed 'KNOCK KNOCK' and arranged 'What is Love?' with Park Jin-young. 'Feel Special' is another masterpiece produced by the combination of 'Park Jin-young X TWICE X Lee Woo-min'.

    The music video of 'Feel Special' expresses the song's main message, 'Special Moment', with light and colorful objects, giving it another visual pleasure than ever. It is said to contain TWICE's unique dynamic energy and trendy charm. The bright smile that makes you feel special maximizes the message and lyrical atmosphere of the song.
  • 2019.9.25
    release date
    Based on the band sound, which contrasts with the metaphorically expressed lyrics, the company wanted to release the feeling of separation in a cooler and more plain manner.

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