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  • 2016.11.11
    designated date
    The owner of Ko Yun-hak is a master craftsman who has learned and mastered traditional Buddhist woodwork at the site, and has a foundation and a foundation for practicing Buddhist wood carving techniques, including the restoration of traditional Buddhist and bodhisattva statues and the production of maimed tools in traditional ways, as well as a foundation for mastering and practicing Buddhist wood carving techniques.
  • 2008.12.26
    designated date
    Born in Haenam, South Jeolla Province in 1949, Park Bang-geum (name: Park Geum-hee) studied Simcheongga under Kim Sang-yong, a master of the Mokpo Korean Traditional Music Center in 1960. After the promotion of Oh Jung-sook, a master of Pansori Entertainment, an important intangible cultural asset, and Seong Woo-hyang, a holder of the 5th entertainment show, possessed the fifth important intangible cultural asset. Later, in 1988, he bought the complete version of Yoo Seong-jun's body Sugungga to renowned singer Park Yang-deok and became the second master of Pansori Sugunga, an intangible cultural asset of Jeollabuk-do.

    In addition, Park Bang-geum received the Presidential Award of Daemyungchangbu at the 1st National Master Singing Contest of Jeongeupsa Temple, has been actively engaged in activities such as the activities of the National Changgeuk Company, and has recently made efforts to preserve and inherit traditional Korean music by holding the '07.3.2 Sugungga Complete Singing Presentation'.
  • 2000.1.11
    designated date
    Danan is also known as the "span class='xml2' onmouseover='up2(1058)' onmouseout='dn2()'dn2()(>>>>>>/spanan, a disease known for its red spots on the skin and swelling of the face. It is known that the disease is caused by irregularities in villages and homes, or by evil spirits or evil spirits. Men and women of all ages develop the Dan, and the Dan has a high fever of 42 degrees.

    Depending on the shape and shape of the platform, it is divided into 12 layers, including Cheongdan, Taedan, Hwangdan, Hongdan, Patdan, Pungdan, Bandan, Nokdudan, Todan, Memildan, Baekdan, and Gumok Gwangsoldan. I heard Dan's developing disease.It's called ," and when it develops, it involves acupuncture, folk remedies or anti-corruption rituals such as white porcelain and zaraffi, which are called " short-handedness".

    Nana-ri Danjapgi is a unique form of disease in which most villagers unite to treat diseases because it is effective only when many people participate and the sound resonates in Sedongne, Nana-ri.

    In the editorial, the play was related to the fall of Baekje, as it was used to defeat the Danguisin and was associated with the collapse of Baekje. It was a folk game with a great sense of tradition and history, and it was awarded the Presidential Award at the 36th National Folk Festival, and is now recognized as the holder of Lee Kyu-chan.

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