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  • 2021.3.28
    Recommended music
    ☆A new tradition 'Beona Taryeong'

    It is a performance in which three Beona-Jaebies come out to play in the form of a comic talk in accordance with the Pungmul garak(style) of Chungcheong-do, and is performed with various talents (Umbrella, Fan, Tentpole, Juggling, etc.) that seen elsewhere.
  • 2021.4.8
    Recommended music
    ☆Pangut: Music and play such as tightrope walking of puppet show by geollippae of yeonhuipae in the wide yard of villages.

    Beokku dance: Beokku is a word indicates not normal and slightly lacking. The instrument called "Beokku" is called by that name because it is neither big nor small. Beokku dance is a stage version of Pungmul Nori, which was played in the coastal area of South Jeolla Province.

    Yeonhui Playground 'The Nolja' (Beokku Dance; Jung Ji-hye, Taepyeongso;Jeong Jin-guk):
    - It is an organization composed of members of the Siheung Traditional Music Association, which strives to publicize the charm of traditional performances with the splendor of Pungmul and cheerful dance.
  • 2020.10.28
    designated date
    "Pyeongtaek Turtle Play" has long been handed down in more than 20 villages in Pyeongtaek.

    Every Chuseok, young people who visited the graves made turtle clothes out of sorghum leaves and went from house to house, which was born to ward off evil spirits and to pray for the good harvest of the village.

    It is also a traditional game that shows our exciting culture by sharing rice cakes and food with neighbors and promoting harmony and solidarity in the village.

    In particular, it won the grand prize at the Gyeonggi Folk Arts Festival in 2013 and the silver prize at the Korean Folk Arts Festival in 2014, becoming the representative folk game of Pyeongtaek.

    This shows that it is a folk game culture that inherits our own traditions, and is meaningful in that it can be enjoyed without any burden by all ages and men and women.

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