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K-Pop & Trot (17)

  • 2020.11.9
    release date
    Taemin is a Korean singer.

    He is a member of SM Entertainment's boy groups SHINee and SuperM, and is the youngest, sub-vocal and main dancer in SHINee.

    The title track of the solo album, "Idea," is a dance pop song where you can meet Taemin's charming vocals and performances.
  • 2021.1.31
    Broadcasting day
    The jazz organ and lead synth sound reminiscent of soul/gaspell in the 80s are impressive medium tempo R&B songs, and they play SHINee's more mature sweet vocals as they propose to their long-time lovers.
  • 2021.2.22
    Release Date
    It is a hip-hop-based dance song that combines intense 808 bases, synth sounds, and sampled vocal sources on the signature vocoder sound, and the lyrics directly unravels the image of being betrayed by love, and SHINee's vocals expressing hysterical emotions increase the immersion of the song.

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