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  • 2020.11.22
    Recommended music
    The Seodo Band consists of practical music musicians, mainly singer-songwriter Seodo, and continues to perform actively overseas with excellent domestic awards.

    In particular, a new genre of music called Joseon Pop is being created and pioneered, which is a combination of Joseon and Pop, and is a genre unique to Seodo Band that will lead to "Popular Music" of the present era based on tradition.

    Based on the characteristic story, rhythm and melody of Gugak, it presents a fresh, unique genre by mixing pop elements appropriately.
  • 2021.1.20
    Recommended music
    Band Gwangchil is a Band that produces and plays songs that modernize the interpretation of good music and folk songs.

    In particular, there is a great interest in the discovery and re-creation of Seodo folk songs, which are less popular than Gyeonggi folk songs.

    We want to communicate with the audience the unique echoes of the folk song of Seodo, a local folk song of Hwanghae Province.
  • 2020.4.3
    broadcasting day
    The fusion Gugak Band "Seodo Band" that pioneered a new genre of "Joseon Pop" made headlines by singing it on Mnet Neomokbo 7.

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