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  • 1990.5.15
    designated date
    Nongyo is a song that is sung to forget fatigue and improve efficiency while working on rice paddies and fields, also known as "deulsong" or "farming sound." As one of the local folk songs, it can be sung individually or collectively and may vary depending on the region.

    Gongsan Nongyo is a labor song, and when a singer sings first, farmers receive backstabbing and sing. The contents include a song for fishing (wooden song), mangga song, dorigae, threshing song, mochi song, rice planting song, and so on. Eosong is a song that is sung when cutting down trees or when they are in full bloom. Mochi is a song that is sung when steaming rice seedlings and planting rice seedlings. Rice harvesting is a song sung while hanging rice paddies. Women participate in mochi and rice planting songs, and although there is a clear difference in the rhythm of each type of song, the songs used for fishing and rice planting are the same. Currently, the dure and mill have disappeared and only the song is being told.

    Gongsan Nongyo was designated as an intangible cultural asset to protect and inherit it as a folk song with a young local color with the sorrow and joy of simple farmers. Song Moon-chang, an entertainment holder living in Daegu, continues his career.

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