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K-Pop & Trot (9)

  • 2020.11.9
    release date
    Taemin is a Korean singer.

    He is a member of SM Entertainment's boy groups SHINee and SuperM, and is the youngest, sub-vocal and main dancer in SHINee.

    The title track of the solo album, "Idea," is a dance pop song where you can meet Taemin's charming vocals and performances.
  • 2019.2.11
    Release date
    ☆ It is an uptempo dance song based on the space disco genre that combines rhythmical base lines and regular kick sounds, and Taemin's vocals, which change colorful with the flow of the song, are attractive.

    The lyrics contain a message of temptation to the opponent who is in the fatal charm of a man with sensuality and purity, and the expression that seems to place the spell "become more desirable" fascinates the ear.
  • 2021.5.18
    Release date
    SHINee Taemin's dark charisma!

    It contains a warning to those who judge their opponents by stereotypes.

    Taemin's sharp singing rap, which expresses his cynical feelings, added charm.

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