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  • 2021.6.20
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    It is a song about the resistance of independence activists who aspired to liberate their homeland during the 1910 Japanese colonial era period.

    This song combines Korean traditional music with rock, and the guitarist Jung Ki-song of the rock group "Next" created by the late Shin Hae-chul participated to enhance the perfection of the song.

    In particular, the music video of "Heroic Empire" was filmed inside Seodaemun Prison, which contains the hardships of the Korean people, including the imprisonment of independence activists and key figures of the pro-democracy movement, adding to its historical value and meaning.
  • 2021.6.26
    Recommended music
    The song expresses Simcheong's desire to pray to the moon in order to find her father, who was sold as a sacrifice for her blind father, and to become a queen after her reincarnation.
  • 2021.7.2
    Recommended music
    The fusion Gugak group "Vidan" will make songs about proud Korean cultural heritage, including UNESCO-registered heritage, and produce modern Gugak performances that combine documentaries and music clips.

    This song sings the story of a goblin who has been with the history of the Korean people as an absolute and friendly friend who practices the punishment of good deeds.

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