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K-Pop & Trot (1)

  • 2017.6.22
    Release date
    It is composed by Kim Do-hoon, the executive producer of MAMAMOO's album, and a modern sound mixed with electronic, funky, and disco genres will catch your ears.

    Retro music, which MAMAMOO has performed a lot before, has escaped, but MAMAMOO's unique sensual vocals and harmony can still be felt.

    In addition, MAMAMOO members participated in writing the lyrics themselves and expressed individual styles and individuality off stage with a cute, innocent bluff under the concept of "Cutie bluff".

    It's a song that blends the energy and charm of them very well, just as they wear clothes that fit Mamamoo perfectly.

K-Traditional Music (0)

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K-Cultural Heritage (1)

  • 2007.1.8
    designated date
    It is recorded that there was a pottery shop called 'Osa Yori' in the Sangju Woodblock of King Sejong Silokji during the Joseon Dynasty. Jeong Hak-bong's Ong Enterprise is now in its fourth generation, a family business that began during his high years. From the time of Gojobu to the time of his grandfather, he worked at the Onggi Factory in Sangju and Boeun, and settled in his current position when he was a famous Ong Enterprise.

    Various earthenware made using traditional methods of production will come out of the World through Yeonsilyo, a traditional six-room jangja Exposed to the ground. The production works are centered on the names of living containers that can be easily used in everyday life, such as the complex, various pots, kunju, jabaegi, various semi-phase machines, and ttukbaegi. Onggi's production methods, processes, types of products, and formability are meaningful in that they not only faithfully inherit the basics of traditional onggi production, but also continue the traditional onggi production in the Sangju area.

K-History (6)

  • 1983.11.30
    award day
    Founded in 1972 by Chairman Chung Ju-yung, Hyundai Shipbuilding changed its name to Hyundai Heavy Industries in 1978 and continued to grow.
    In 1983, the company not only won the $1 billion Export tower for the first time among Korean companies, but also became the World's No. 1 shipbuilding company in terms of ship building volume, beating Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan.
    In June 2019, Hyundai Heavy Industries Group launched Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., an integrated shipbuilding corporation.
  • 1980.12.1
    broadcast start date
    Starting with the live broadcast of the 17th Export Day ceremony at 10:30 a.m. on December 1, 1980, the curtain of the color TV era was opened in Korea.

    Prior to the broadcast, as the color-adjusting test radio was shown in color, spectators gathered in front of the television store and looked at it with curiosity.

    On the first day of color broadcasting, KBS 1TV has been broadcasting full-time from 5:20 p.m., and satellite broadcasting of semi-finals with children's programs such as 'Program Guide', 'Baby Charge', 'Children's Relay Car Launching', and 'Lee Joo-il's Children's Children's Children's World, and Kings Cup Soccer Korea vs. Thailand B team.

    From December 22, KBS 2TV and MBC-TV also started color test broadcasts, and all TV stations in Korea will be color broadcasting.
  • 1975.12.1
    Production commencement date
    Pony, Korea's first unique model, has become a touchstone for Korea today to stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the World in the ranks of automobile producers.

    Pony, which began production on Dec. 1, 1975, was 140 kilometers at a maximum speed, 1,238 cc in emissions and 2.289 million won at the time, at its Ulsan plant, which was created under Hyundai Motor's basic plan to build a comprehensive auto plant since 1973.

    The sleek fast-back style Pony, designed by Italian designer Georgeto Zizuaro, is regarded as the No. 1 domestic car that opened the doors of the Micah era in Korea while Exporting its first overseas in 1976, starting with its first production of 50 units.

Special (0)

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