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K-Pop & Trot (1)

  • 2014.8.20
    release date
    The song was created under the influence of Neptunes, a modern reinterpretation of black soul music in the 1970s.

    Superfricode's representative advancement (JINBO) and beatmaker '250' worked together.

    Jinbo is a musician respected by anyone who likes black music, and he worked with ' BTS' for the first time.

    BTS is played in a bouncy, humorous voice that has never been shown before.

K-Traditional Music (0)

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K-Cultural Heritage (0)

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K-History (1)

  • 2002.6.22
    Date of advance to the semifinals
    It was a World Cup competition co-hosted by Korea and Japan from May 31 to June 30, 2002 under the auspices of FIFA.

    At the 2002 World Cup soccer tournament on June 22, South Korea defeated Spain and created a semi-final myth after a close match that even led to a penalty shootout.

    Captain Hong Myung-bo, the last kicker in the penalty shootout, scored a goal to confirm his advance to the semifinals.

    It was the first time for an Asian team to reach the semifinals.

    It was also the first time in 19 years that Korea has advanced to the semifinals since the 1983 World Youth Association in Mexico.

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