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    In Korean traditional music, oral sounds are played by mimicking the distinctive tones of the flute, salted fish, and janggu.

    In the case of a mouthful, it follows the tone of a flute or a paddle, but it is not constant, and sometimes it is sung on top of a song.

    As in the case of Sinawi, the rhythm consists mainly of Salpuri and Deng Dekungi (Jajinmori), and sometimes other rhythms are used.

    The form of the performance is sometimes sung as a solo to the accompaniment of the janggu, but usually together with the chorus of the sina.

    And this note is often used for the Salpuri dance and dance accompaniment to the guitar Sinawi.

    Therefore, the name of this music should be called gueum Si Nawi, but the composition of the music is usually called gueum Salpul because it is usually composed of Salpuri rhythm.

    In addition, because the oral sound is expressed in voice in any case, it may have to be a Namdo master singer who has reached a considerable level musically, and is usually good at Pansori masterpieces.

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