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K-Pop & Trot (1)

  • 2017.3.7
    Release Date
    The title track "Rollin" is an EDM song with a cheerful uptempo.

    The Brave Girls are a four-member girl group of Min-young, Yoo-jung, Eun-ji and Yuna, who debuted in 2016.

    He has sometimes been mentioned as the president of the military since his debut, but he has never been mentioned properly.

    After continuing its activities from time to time, in 2021, when the members were preparing to disband, Rollin', which was released four years ago, is enjoying its heyday by topping major music charts and music broadcasts in Korea.

K-Traditional Music (24)

  • 2020.11.15
    Recommended music
    Gyeongsang Province, late Kim So-hee song made by the singer features an enchanting melody, and the Japanese occupation of the menarijo bukkando lost wind-swept heart of people who moved to country representation.A folk song(minyo).

    Gayageum Byeongchang: Jeon Hai-ok, Oh Ju-eun, Choi Ye-rim
    Ajaeng: Seo Young-ho
    Daegeum: Won Wan Chul
    Ko Soo: Jung Joon Ho
  • 2020.11.25
    Recommended music
    Lee Yura is a master singer who has devoted his entire life to promoting the sound of Chuncheon's righteous army Arirang and Gangwon.

    I majored in Gyeonggi folk songs and came to Gangwon-do to do Gangwon-do folk songs.

    The difference between Gyeonggi folk songs and Gangwon folk songs is that Gangwon-do folk songs and Gyeonggi-do folk songs differ in tone and Gangwon-do sounds have a limit.

    Gangwon Province is said to have been saddened and saddened by the sound of the sorrow and life in the mountains, which appear in geographical features.
  • 2020.11.29
    Recommended music
    Master singer Choi Jin-sook is active with her outstanding voice and talent that transcends tradition and modernity.

    My father is Choi Young-gil, a leading member of the National Changgeuk Company.

K-Cultural Heritage (4)

  • 1987.5.13
    designated date
    A folk song is a song created by itself among the people and is passed down from mouth to mouth. It is closely related to life by using functions such as occupation, wind speed, and play, and may vary according to the locality or the callers' taste or spontaneity.

    Sangminyo is a labor song called to forget fatigue and improve efficiency while working. The folk song consists of the sound of rice planting, rice paddies, and threshing.

    The sound of rice planting is a song sung during the planting season, also known as Gonggalmot and Chaeryeonyo, and is a representative folk song of Gyeongsangbuk-do. The sound of non-maegi is sung while hanging steam, and threshing is sung while threshing barley.

    This folk song is widely sung, regardless of age or sex, and is widely transmitted and transmitted in the inland areas of Gyeongsangbuk-do, including the Nakdonggang River coast.

    Sangjuminyo is a labor song and is a unique folk song with an exciting and sad melody. Mr.Yook Jong-deok, who lives in Sangju City, continues his career.
  • 1975.7.12
    designated date
    Generally, Gyeonggi minyo refers to folk songs handed down in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do, but the pieces designated as an important cultural heritage are Gyeonggi Gin Japga (Long Miscellaneous Songs of Gyeonggi), which are also called Gyeonggi Jwachang.

    At first, Japga referred to vulgar songs, as opposed to Jeongga (Classics) like Gagok (Lyric Song Cycles Accompanied by an Orchestra) or Gasa (Narrative Song), but today Japga has come to mean long pieces of vulgar songs that are sung seated.

    The 12 Japga of slow tempo among Gyeonggi Japga are called Gin Japga (Long Miscellaneous Songs), and are as follows: Yusanga (Song of the Mountain Picnic), Jeokbyeokga (Song of the Red Cliff), Jebiga (Song of Swallows), Sochunhyangga (Song of Chunhyang), Seonyuga (Song of the Boat Excursion), Jipjangga (Flogging Song), Hyeongjangga (Song of the Execution Ground), Pyeongyangga (Song of Pyeongyang), Sipjangga (Song of the Ten Lashings), Churinga (Song of Farewell), Bangmulga (Song of Knickknacks), and Dalgeori (Song of the Full Moon). Pyeongyangga, Churinga, Bangmulga, and Dalgeori are songs in slow tempo with sextuple time or four-four time about friendship and love exchanged among commoners.

    Gyeonggi Gin Japga feature a tempo unique to Gyeonggi-do. They contain quiet and subtle expressions of the sorrows and delights of commoners.
  • 2009.7.24
    designated date
    Changminyo was called a popular folk song because it was called by many people in a large area, and it was also called japyo in combination with folk songs that had the characteristics of a play song. These days, the joy of singing is not inherently different from the joy of dancing or playing yut, so the songs that are sung to enjoy the song itself are included in the category of yuhuiyo. However, in reality, it is difficult for one class name to satisfy every case, so each writer uses a different name depending on the case. In Jeju, the transmission of Changmin songs is very active, and there are more than 50 kinds of songs, including "Odoltogi," "Yahong," "Neoyeong Nayoung," "Shinmok Satayeong," "Bongji," "Sancheon Chomok," "Dongpunga," "Jungtaryeong," "Jilgunak," "Yongcheon Gumyeong" and "Love Song."

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