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  • 2020.11.15
    Recommended music
    Gyeongsang Province, late Kim So-hee song made by the singer features an enchanting melody, and the Japanese occupation of the menarijo bukkando lost wind-swept heart of people who moved to country representation.A folk song(Minyo).

    Gayageum Byeongchang: Jeon Hai-ok, Oh Ju-eun, Choi Ye-rim
    Ajaeng: Seo Young-ho
    Daegeum: Won Wan Chul
    Ko Soo: Jung Joon Ho
  • 2020.11.27
    Recommended music
    It was composed by legendary singer Kim So-hee in the 1950s and arranged by Park Kyung-hoon, who is called Chopin in the Korean traditional music scene.

    Park Sang-eun, a member of the KBS Gugak Orchestra, is actively participating in the drama OST as well as the radio host.
  • 2020.11.29
    Recommended music
    Master singer Choi Jin-sook is active with her outstanding voice and talent that transcends tradition and modernity.

    My father is Choi Young-gil, a leading member of the National Changgeuk Company.

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